How to Work with Bill

Marketing Strategy:

Clients hire Bill to work through their strategic challenges around their brands, sales channel indecision and general company vision issues.  Projects can run the gamut from simple consultative hours to actual written marketing or business strategic plans.  He prefers to work directly with the owners or senior level people inside a company … no business is too small or too large for Bill.  Bill can also be instrumental in helping a client think through a brand positioning problem and has helped several companies get to the heart of their brand confusion through his straightforward and practical approach to brand strategy.

Public Speaking:

Bill is a keynote speaker on several topics and works with Brooks International Speakers Bureau in Denver.  He’s been on their exclusive roster of speakers for almost 15 years.  He’s spoken at large corporate meetings, smaller association conferences and in break outs at conferences.  His topics range from marketing strategy to developing effective partnerships.  Recently he has been speaking about sustainable business practices and what companies can do to bring sustainability into their companies.

Meeting Facilitation:

Bill is an accomplished meeting facilitator and leader.  He is often paid to run meetings for groups, companies or associations.  He’s affecting style, sense of humor and Socratic method of facilitation earn him high praise from people he has worked with.  Whether you have your own agenda for the meeting or need help creating one … Bill can make your meeting the most effective one you have ever had.

Brand Builder:

Bill has helped build and promote 3 national brands in his career … and he can help you with your brand as well.  Brand building is the hottest topic in marketing these days … it’s not enough to launch a product or service and just let people know about it through conventional means – you have to create an emotional and sustainable connection to your customers.  A brand strategy project with Bill will involve research, customer feedback loop and long term thinking on how to develop a brand vision and brand statement.

Bass Player:

Bill has been playing the bass professionally for over 30 years now … and he is well versed in all styles of music.  He reads music and is also a songwriter.  He currently anchors 4 different bands.  If you need some bottom end … he’s ready to provide it.